Want to take a virtual tour of Stonehenge? How about downtown Chicago? Or your very own town? It’s now possible thanks to Google’s Street View app [Android|iOS] and Google Cardboard.

To get started, just fire up the Street View app on your phone, then browse the gallery, search for a location, or tap the my-location icon to zoom into your neck of the woods. From there you just tap any destination to launch its street view.

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Google has released a standalone Street View app, updating the version on Android and bringing the app to iOS for the first time.

The new app brings Google’s Street View offerings into line across both iOS and Android.

In the two apps, users can flick through Street View ‘collections’ as well as user-created photo spheres that are displayed in cards at the bottom of the screen. Collections are grouped into themes such as Animals and Wildlife, Oceans, or particular countries. Selecting a collection displays where they’re located on Google Maps in the top half of the display.

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